The new art market.
For everyone.


  1. We turn world-class artworks into Digital Art Shares
    that you can buy from €1.
  2. Trade your Shares on our secondary market,
    the ArtSquare Exchange. It’s safe.
    It’s Blockchain-powered.
  3. Build a Portfolio of masterpieces. Make a profit while enjoying art.
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We take artworks by world-class artists and divide their value into Digital Art Shares. Shares of artworks are affordable to all budgets and shareable by a large community.

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We rely on Blockchain-technology to create a stock exchange for art, the ArtSquare Exchange. Our Exchange allows you to make a profit from art as an asset and diversify your Portfolio.

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Build your dynamic Portfolio by buying and trading shares of various artworks. We think of our Portfolio as a combination of an art gallery and portfolio investment.

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Gift a friend Digital Art Shares of artworks and bring them into our community. By donating DAS, you will help them grow as art collectors and digital investors.

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