Felice Pescatore

Felice is a software engineer with a wide experience in the use of innovative management approaches, helping companies to became strongly directed to the market and customers, developing a deep Lean based culture.
He is the Founder and CEO of Xebir, an Agile Business consultant firm focused on Agile and Lean for enterprise and promoter of new innovative management approaches like AgileIoT.org. Also, he is president and member of various Italian Agile Communities, member of Disciplined Agile Consortium and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional since 2014.
Felice is a Computers Historian, co-founder of the Italian Vintage Computer Club, and owner of StoriaInformatica.it, the landmark for the Software History. He is a passionate collector, with one of the greatest available Computers and Software collection, and he is authors of related articles and social posts as well as co-organizer of the Vintage Computer Festival Italy.